H. C. JiauProf. Hewijin Christine Jiau

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering
  • Object Oriented technologies
  • Design Pattern
  • Active Database System
  • Distributed System Design
  • Interface Definition Language and Object Definition Language Design

Graduated PhD

Chia Hung KaoChia Hung Kao joined DBSE at 2002. Under the supervision of Dr. Jiau, he performed several researches in empirical software engineering, software quality evaluation... More
Jinghong Cox ChenJinghong Cox Chen is broadly interested in software reuse, and software evolution. He is especially interested in design patterns, refactoring, and test-driven development. More
Feng-Pu YangFeng-Pu Yang is interested in software measurement, software evolution, software maintenance, and context-aware computing. His recent research direction is domain-specific web search. More

Lee-Wei MarLee-Wei Mar is interested in software refactoring, software bad smell detection, software component model, and design pattern. His recent research direction is refactoring co-evolution. More
Dung-Feng YuDung-Feng Yu is interested in software traceability, design patterns and object-oriented technology. His recent research direction is software traceability. More
Wei-Chung HuWei-Chung Hu is interested in requirements engineering, open source model, and context-aware technology. His recent research directions are open source project modeling, requirement verification and validation. More

Yechi WuYe-Chi Wu is interested in software engineering, object technologies, design pattern, and software maintenance. His recent research direction is software change with design pattern. More
Kuo-Chen WuKuo-Chen Wu is interested in software process model, information system for software development, software architecture of information management, and software reuse in open source community. His recent research direction is information management for development with reuse. More

Graduated Master

Ming-Shiou WuMing-Shiou Wu received his master’s degree in 2009 and joined HTC Message application team in 2010. His major responsibility in the team is ... More
Yu-Wei HoYu-Wei Ho is interested in context-aware computing and service-oriented computing. His recent research direction is simulation of service composition. More
Po-Sheng WeiPo-Sheng Wei is interested in design pattern and software documentation. His recent research direction is automating documentation. More
Chien-Wei HuChien-Wei Hu is interested in requirement engineering, object-oriented technology, and design patterns. Her recent research direction is use case visualization. More
Wei-Ning HungWei-Ning Hung is interested in software engineering. Her recent research direction is UML tools evaluation. More
Yen-Jie ChenYen-Jie Chen is interested in database, information retrieval and psychology. His recent research direction is music information retrieval. More
Chien-Wei HuXing-Gu Chen is interested in agile software development, refactoring, software development regulation More
Cheng-Yuan WuCheng-Yuan Wu is interested in program comprehension and teaching, OOP, OSS, Software development process, Software automation More