Yu-Wei Ho 何育維

  • Email: ppwinnie AT nature DOT ee DOT ncku DOT edu DOT tw

Yu-Wei Ho received the BSc degree in engineering science from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, in 2006. He is currently a master student in Institute of Computer and Communication at Cheng Kung University, Tiawan. He worked on context-aware computing and service-oriented computing domain. My master thesis are also related to these domain.


  • College B.S. in Department of Engineering Science, National Cheng Kung University, Fall 2006
  • Master student in Computer and Communication Institute, National Cheng Kung University, Fall 2006, majoring in software engineering

Research Interests

  • Context aware computing
  • Service-oriented computing


  • Strtegy Helper of DBSE project: This project try to organize the information presented in a strategy game to suggest game player. His main contributions are on GUI design and gmae data organization for game players
  • WQS of DBSE project: This project try to develop a web-based questionnaire system for the study of open source community. His main contributions are on the development of interface layer of the web application.
  • SOBus: This project proposed a embedded middleware that coordinates the bus company, local service provider(e.g. store, hospital, and so on) and travelers, and bus simulation system that simulates the service situations of each buses.

Selected Skills

  • Python programming experiences
  • C programming experience
  • GUI design experiences in several DBSE tasks