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CRISES : Component Repository support Evaluation and Keyword based Search

CRISES evaluates the component functionality by test cases generated from the given contract. If evaluation result fulfills given contract, CRISES stores the evaluated components into repository for further reuse and also provides keyword-based search to retrieve component.

  • Developers : Chia-Hung Kao, Wei-Chung Hu and Kuo-Chen Wu
  • Status : Active
  • Language : Python
  • ThirdParty Tools : Turbogears, JMLUnit and JUnit
  • Target user:
    • Developer who participates in component-based software development and has to evaluate components
    • Developer who tries to find reusable components
  • Input / Output : Textual use case / noun & verb list and relation visualization
    • Evaluation part: Contracts and components / evaluation results
    • Search part: Keyword / keyword-related component list


  • What CRISES evaluates?

  • Contract lists precondition, post-condition and invariant of target component. Test cases are then generated from imported contracts and components by JMLUnit. Next, components are automatically evaluated with generated test cases by JUnit and finally CRISES presents the evaluation results for developer.

  • How can I search reusable components?

  • Developer query CRISES using keyword related with pre-condition, post-condition and invariant of component, then CRISES searches components by matching the keyword with component contracts in repository. If contract is matched in any part, CRISES reports as related component and composed them into search results.


    • Not available yet.

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